Board of Directors

Robert Barrasso, Chair
Paul Hooker, Vice Chair
David Braun, Treasurer
Tere LeBarron, Secretary

Alicia Corti
Bruce Hyland
John D. Lewis, MD
Abe Marques
Pat Marsh
LilliAnne Purdie
Joe Romero
Brian Spencer
Jean Tkachyk

Message from the Chair

Robert BarrassoThese are exciting and challenging times in the healthcare arena.  As Chair of the Board of Directors of CODAC – and a member of the board for over 10 years – I am very proud of what we have done in the last decade and excited about what we are going to do in the next decade.

I am proud of our broad array of evidence-based services provided throughout our programs.  And, we are highly active in the community to reduce stigma around mental health and addiction disorders so that more people feel comfortable coming to CODAC for their healthcare.

We have upgraded our facilities to reflect the dignity we feel our staff and members deserve. We will continue to serve our members with the highest quality of care and are expanding our outreach to new, diverse populations.  We have also been diversifying revenue by contracting with many the private insurance carriers and marketplace insurance companies as well.

Providing integrated medical care and mental health services and working with Cenpatico Integrated Care, the new Regional Behavioral Health Association for Southern Arizona starting in October 2015, are two of our new exciting challenges that lie ahead.

All of us who live in the beautiful desert Southwest strive to create a healthy community, and we believe we are doing our part.  We thank all of our friends and supporters and urge you to continue that support through your volunteer work, donations and good words about our organization.


Robert Barrasso