Kids & Families

Raising a family is hard work. It can be difficult to navigate the challenges and transitions that a family experiences. Whether it’s a parent whose addiction has caused family stress or a child displaying concerning moods and behaviors, our Child and Family Services program have staff trained in teaching communication and problem-solving skills that support whole-family wellness.

Family members can attend therapy sessions with a trained professional who is experienced in helping improve family relationships and reinforce positive family development.

In addition to our behavioral health care services, we provide primary health care. So your family can have the support of a team of professionals taking care of everyone. This includes traditional services such as common illnesses, physicals and wellness check-ups, vaccinations and standard lab work.

CODAC provides therapy and support for a variety of issues that can impact the family such as:

  • Changes in family structure
  • Parenting children with behavioral disorders or problem behaviors
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Blended or non-traditional families
  • DCS and court-involved families
  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Arguing and frustration
  • Grief and loss
  • Sexual abuse and assault 
  • Suicide and self-harm
  • Families with LGBTQ parents and/or children
  • General parenting stress


Kids go through so many transitions as they grow. It can be hard to know the exact type of support they might need for behavioral or emotional challenges they are experiencing. Our team is experienced in working with kids to help them improve self-esteem, build communication and social skills, and help resolve conflict between family members.


Many new experiences come with being a teenager. Dating, peer-pressure, exposure to drugs and alcohol and body-image issues are just a few of the topics that our therapists often discuss with teens. We provide a safe and understanding space to have conversations with teens about what they are going through.


We can help you recognize areas of conflict in your relationship and work towards healthy ways of resolving them. When difficulties in marriages and relationships aren’t addressed, they can turn into much larger problems that impact more than just the couple. You don’t have to struggle through these frustrating times alone. Our therapists will identify unhealthy patterns to create a sustainable and healthy relationship.


We can help you identify issues and work towards solutions within your family system. We know that with support and guidance, families can get back on the right track to being resilient and healthy.