Psychiatry and Medication Management

CODAC’s experienced psychiatrists and medical professionals address any mental health and emotional concerns you may be having. Psychiatric evaluations are available to assess and diagnose what is going on. Follow up appointments help track your progress or suggest changes for improvement.

In working closely with a medical professional and the rest of your recovery team, you can discuss the treatment options that may be a good fit for you.

Our medical staff will talk with you about medication options that can play a key role in managing your symptoms and improving your quality of life. In addition to medications, our medical staff will also talk to you about other important aspects of your wellness like healthy living, social supports, and safety planning.

Our priority is to get you feeling better. Do not get discouraged if the medication you try doesn’t work right away. Sometimes, it takes adjustments to best manage your symptoms. It is important to keep track of your symptoms and side-affects so you can discuss them at your next appointment.

In addition to taking your medications as prescribed, remember to take care of yourself by:

  • Getting plenty of rest
  • Eating nutritious foods
  • Staying involved in activities that you like
  • Keeping in touch with your support system

When used in combination with other recovery services like therapy and support groups, medication can be a very effective tool.

CODAC at Alvernon, located at 630 N. Alvernon, and at CODAC at Cobblestone Court, located at 1075 E. Ft. Lowell Road. This pharmacy can fill an array of prescriptions including medications for behavioral health and physical health. The pharmacy is open to all members and their families. Members at other CODAC sites can request medications to be filled by Genoa and have them delivered to their homes free of charge.





Pharmacy Contact Information:

At CODAC at Alvernon
630 N. Alvernon | 85711
Phone: (520) 917-0129

At CODAC at Cobblestone Court
1075 E. Ft. Lowell Rd. | 85719
Phone: (520) 257-1539