Prenatal and Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Support

Anxious? Overwhelmed? Exhausted? If you’re pregnant or a new mom, these words probably seem all too familiar. But if these feelings don’t seem to let up or are getting worse – and if feelings of guilt or obsessive/compulsive behaviors are creeping in – you might have prenatal or postpartum anxiety or depression.

Anxiety and depression during pregnancy and the first year after giving birth is very common … and can be treated!

The most successful treatments for perinatal mood disorders may include some or all of following:

  • Assessment and screening
  • Participation in a support group
  • Talk therapy with a therapist
  • Self-help techniques
  • A medical examination
  • Medication

Support Groups

CODAC offers a support group on Wednesdays from 5:00pm-6:00pm specifically for moms experiencing prenatal and postpartum depression and anxiety.

Support groups allow women to talk about what they’re experiencing with others who are going through many of the same things. It helps you realize that you’re not alone and that the feelings you’re having are normal. During the support group, women also share tips of what has worked to help them feel more like their “pre-pregnancy” selves.

Individual Therapy

You can work one-on-one with a therapist experienced in perinatal mood disorders to talk openly and confidentially about your personal feelings and your situation with your baby. You’ll learn techniques to improve your ability to relax, reduce anxiety and find relief from depression.


Free childcare is provided in a fun nursery environment for children under the age of six. Children under the age of two are welcome to enjoy the nursery or stay with their parent during treatment.

Medical Examination and Medication

CODAC can help you coordinate an appropriate medical examination by your OBGYN and/or Primary Care Provider. If needed, we can also coordinate an evaluation with a nurse practitioner or doctor who specializes in providing medication specifically for perinatal mood disorders.

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