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10 Tips to Help Parents Survive Virtual School at Home

For many families, the school year is in full swing...but in a VERY different way. Many kiddos are now attending school virtually from their living rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms.

Early reports from parents show that it is an understatement to say it's tough for parents to help keep their kids on track and be able to keep up with their own work tasks.

We asked CODAC staff how they're coping and learned these 10 TIPS that might be helpful to you!

  1. Remember, this is new to your child as well as the school. Don't get too frustrated or take it too seriously the first few days. It gets easier.
  2. Have a space for "school" that is not at the kitchen or living room table so they can step away if needed.
  3. Stay involved. The teachers and administrators are doing their best to be available. But, sometimes you will need to speak up for your kiddo.
  4. Use a smart phone or timer to set alarms to remind them when they have to be back online.
  5. Set favorites/tabs for Web sites they need to use often.
  6. If you have more than one child at home, separate them when they're getting on each others' nerves.
  7. Put a baby monitor in your child's room so they can let you know when they need help with schoolwork. CODAC Recovery Coach Cynthia says "this totally makes our school and work day more manageable and eliminates the need to be in two places at once."
  8. Keep the kids on a routine, just like when they were going to school in person.
  9. Make sure you all get some physical activity each day. Whether it's jumping rope, dribbling a ball, swimming, going for a bike ride, etc., get moving to get out that energy and benefit from positive endorphins!
  10. Try to make it fun and give yourself permission to mess up a little here and there. It's a great lesson for kids to know not everything has to be perfect the first time.

What tips do you have that have worked well for you?!