New CODAC Admin Offices and Treatment Center Open on Speedway i

CODAC is pleased to be joining the Garden District Neighborhood after recently purchasing the former Brown Mackey College buildings at 4585 E. Speedway Blvd (at the corner of Speedway and Venice) as well as the vacant parcel of land on the northwest corner of Venice and Bellevue.

How CODAC Will Use the Property

The Existing Buildings

The existing buildings will house CODAC’s Administrative Offices as well as an outpatient health and wellness center with a full continuum of integrated primary care, psychiatry, therapy, counseling, peer and employment support, and other wellness services. A large portion of CODAC’s outpatient services are provided via telemedicine, but in-person services are still very important for some of our clients. This is not a methadone treatment center; no methadone will be dispensed from this site. CODAC’s administrative and outpatient treatment center hours are 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

On Hold: the Vacant Parcel of Land at Bellevue and Venice

A preliminary neighborhood information meeting on April 14, 2021 was scheduled by CODAC’s architect without CODAC’s prior knowledge as an initial step related to the vacant parcel of land. The poor communication from the architect to the residents is absolutely not how CODAC wanted to start our relationship with the Garden District Neighborhood. We sincerely apologize and will make sure the next meeting between CODAC and the neighborhood will have plenty of advanced notice, to a wider audience than the list the City originally provided us, and will be offered at a time of day that will not interfere with work.

While CODAC had initial thoughts for how to utilize the vacant land on Bellevue and Venice, after listening to residents’ concerns, plans for the vacant lot are on hold while we focus on remodeling the existing Brown Mackey buildings, gathering input from the neighborhood, and building CODAC’s reputation as a good neighbor.

Safety for Staff, Members and the Community

At CODAC, safety for our members, staff and surrounding community are of the highest priority.

  • The former Brown Mackey buildings have been remodeled, landscaping will continue to be added, surveillance cameras have been installed, and the property and adjacent sidewalks are maintained and free of litter and loitering.
  • We have a security guard on-site during business hours; they will do walks around the perimeter and report any suspicious activity they see in the surrounding areas.
  • We contract with a Security Company to patrol our properties and the surrounding areas multiple times throughout the night.
  • Additionally, our policies against loitering and drug use, our monitoring of the campus and surrounding areas through in-person and digital surveillance (cameras) and our programs to involve staff and clients in bettering their communities will lend to the safety of the neighborhood as well.
  • We have close relationships with Tucson Police Department (including the Mental Health Support Teams – MHST – and the Substance Use Resource Team – SURT, among others). We hope these relationships can also help with some of the existing challenges within the neighborhood.
  • Staff and clients will park within the property (there is ample parking). Ride share vehicles will have a designated drop off/pick up area within the property as well. The majority of outpatient clients utilize their own vehicles or ride share transportation.
  • We provide neighborhood leadership with direct lines of communication to CODAC leadership to report any concerns and CODAC will address these in a timely fashion.

There are many other ways we can try to help and work with our Garden District neighbors and we look forward to developing those with you.

CODAC values the opinions of the neighborhood residents and businesses. We truly aim to be good neighbors and to have open lines of communication within the communities in which we are located. We look forward to meeting many of you and sharing more about us at upcoming Neighborhood Association meetings.

Questions about CODAC at Speedway?

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