Welcome Healthcare Partners!

Mental health, addiction disorders and trauma can impact many elements of a person’s health. And, physical illnesses can impact an individual’s mental and emotional health.

Relationships with a CODAC member’s healthcare treatment team is important to monitor their whole health and ensure we’re treating the symptoms in the context of the entire person, not just the areas we each specialize in.

That’s why CODAC is committed to coordinating closely with our members’ healthcare providers, including their

  • primary care provider,
  • specialists (like endocrinologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, hepatologists, nephrologists, etc)
  • nurse educators,
  • nutritionists, and
  • other behavioral health providers.

Refer a Patient

  • For medical professionals (PCPs and Specialists)
  • For other behavioral health professionals

For Medical Professionals (PCPs and Specialists)

To refer a patient for mental health or addiction assessment and/or treatment, please call us at 520-202-1840. Click here to download the referral form.

Once we receive the referral, CODAC’s enrollment staff will attempt to call your patient three times to gather additional information, verify insurance and discuss treatment options and the intake process.

We will notify you if we are unable to make contact with your patient or when their initial appointment (called “Intake”) has been completed, or if it was scheduled but not completed.  We will also continue to coordinate with you as necessary, including calling or faxing you to share information about diagnoses, medications and lab/test results.

We ask that you will also coordinate closely with us to be sure that we are aware of any physical health conditions, medications and lab/test results.

For Other Behavioral Health Professionals and RBHA Providers

Because we are contracted with all three AHCCCS health plans, members with AHCCCS who go to another Intake Care & Coordination Agency (ICC) can choose to come to CODAC for any of our services, including individual therapy, psychiatry, primary care, and group support and therapy.

CODAC is unique in its robust selection of specialty programs for a wide array of people.

Check out our:

RBHA providers looking to make a referral within the RBHA system, please contact us at (520) 327-4505.