Drug & Alcohol Use

Kids & Teens

There are many reasons a young person may start using drugs and alcohol such as peer pressure, to cope with difficult situations, or because they are curious. This can quickly turn into a problem that leads to dependence on drugs or alcohol. Finding out that your child is using drugs can be very scary. At CODAC, our staff are experienced in working with young people who are using drugs and alcohol and will work with them to address what’s going on in their life. They will learn healthy ways of coping and communicating. Tools are provided for the whole family so that everyone involved can be supportive of a healthy and productive life for their child.


Drug and alcohol use has harmful effects on the whole family. Sometimes the use of alcohol and drugs can be difficult to identify, address, treat and fully understand. Our staff will work with you so that you can heal from your addiction with the support of your family. We will educate your support system about causes of addiction and involve them in your recovery journey.

Support services related to addiction include:

  • Developing healthy coping skills
  • Relapse prevention
  • Recognizing triggers
  • Healthy communication and boundaries

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