We’ve Changed Our Name

After 45 years as CODAC Behavioral Health Services of Pima County, Inc., we officially changed our name to CODAC Health, Recovery & Wellness in October, 2015.

Why these words?
The new descriptors, “Health, Recovery & Wellness,” were chosen to expand upon what we do, while still differentiating us from other health care organizations.

“Health” – allows us to encompass overall health, not just mental or emotional. This is pertinent to our new integrated care model which combines physical and mental health care in one location.

“Recovery” is a known word in the mental health and addiction treatment community (especially by those already in recovery). Using this word differentiates us from people who don’t provide behavioral health services.

“Wellness” bookends the descriptor with another holistic word that describes many of the services we provide and the goal of all our services.

Changing our name is a big step for CODAC, one that reflects the growth of our organization and our scope of care for individuals with mental illness, addiction disorders and trauma. Let’s celebrate CODAC Health, Recovery & Wellness!