Peer Support

Sometimes it’s helpful to have extra support along your recovery. This is why we have a special team at CODAC well-known for their important role in promoting personal growth, self-motivation and wellness for members of CODAC. Our Peer Support Specialists are here to be your partner in recovery.

A Peer Support Specialist is someone employed in the behavioral health field with first-hand knowledge of recovery from addiction or mental illness.

There are Peer Support Specialists at each of our treatment centers to provide support and help you meet your goals. Here are a few ways that your peer support specialist will be able to help you!

  • Provide peer support through your recovery journey
  • Help you navigate Tucson's transportation systems
  • Go to primary care appointments with you
  • Show you how to best use your CODAC treatment site
  • Support you in Adult Recovery Team meetings
  • Help you locate 12-step support groups and healthy activities
  • Help answer questions about housing
  • Provide guidance on how you can stretch your food budget
  • Help you complete documents and paperwork
  • Connect you with help to gain recovery and employment-related skills
  • Support you at behavioral health appointments
  • And more!

Peer Support Specialists also facilitate a variety of support groups depending on your recovery goals. Here are a few of the groups that are currently offered:

Anger Management
Talk about where your anger comes from and work together in a trusting and non-judgmental group setting to find new solutions on how to better handle anger.

Building Communication
Learn the essentials for building healthy relationships whether they are romantic, friendships, work related or others.

Coping Skills
Learn skills on how to tolerate stress and handle situations that may trigger relapse.

Relapse Prevention
Learn new ways of handling challenges involved with long-term sobriety. Learn healthy alternative behaviors to prevent drug and alcohol relapse.

SMART Recovery
Be independent from addictive behaviors. SMART Recovery teaches empowerment through enhancing motivation, coping with urges, managing thoughts, and learning how to live a more balanced life.

Whole Health Action Management (WHAM)
Whole Health Action Management promotes whole-person health by reviewing topics such as improving eating habits, physical activity, positive thinking, and sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)
Wellness Recovery Action Plan is a self-structured system for learning skills for dealing with emotional and physical difficulties.

If you would like to meet with your site's Peer Support Specialist, simply ask your treatment team or a Membership Specialist at the front desk.