Do You Want to Start Services at CODAC?

CODAC offers same-day intakes for anyone looking to start treatment. This means if you want to come for your first appointment today**, or another day that is convenient for you, you can!

Call (520) 327-4505 to get started, and find out:

  • What program and location might be best for you.
  • The days and hours you can choose to walk-in for your first appointment.
  • What to expect.
  • What to bring with you to your appointment.

Treatment for Drug or Alcohol Use -

  • Intakes are available for new clients 24/7 - any day of the week, at any time day or night. Call our 24/7 line at (520) 202-1786 or come to 380 E. Ft. Lowell Rd.
  • Your first appointment for substance use treatment will need to be in-person, and CODAC is safe with many COVID safety measures in place.

Treatment for Stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, sleeplessness, grief and loss, or other mental health concerns -

  • Intake slots for new clients are open on Monday through Friday. Call (520) 327-4505 for open intake times!
  • Virtual Intakes Available: You can have your intake in-person, over the phone or by video conferencing. This makes it extra easy for you to get started!

We will do our best to accommodate your intake on the same day you walk-in. However, situations may arise in which all intake staff are occupied or there may not be enough time to complete an intake appointment if you arrive later in the day. In these situations, you may be asked to return for your appointment on the next business day.

** For Mental Health concerns, intakes are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 

What to Bring to Your Appointments:

  • Completed Medical History Questionnaire (first appointment only)
  • AHCCCS Identification Card or other medical insurance card
  • Picture identification
  • List of current medications and dosage
  • Cash, debit or credit card to cover co-pay or fee-for-service charges
  • Any concerns you have written down since your last appointment

Member Handbook

Click here to download the Member Handbook, updated September, 2020.

Member Responsibilities

As a CODAC member, it is important that you are an active participant in your behavioral health care. You have the responsibility to:

  • Take care of yourself
  • Be aware of your rights
  • Assist in progressing towards your recovery
  • Treat others with respect and work cooperatively with others
  • Know the name of your Care Manager
  • Give information needed for your care to your Care Manager
  • Tell your Care Manager if you need to cancel and appointment before the scheduled time
  • Follow instructions and guidelines from your Care Manager
  • Choose people to be on your Adult Recovery Team
  • Arrive on time for appointments
  • Report all medications you are taking, including over-the-counter medications
  • Take your medications as instructed
  • Report side effects
  • Schedule follow-up appointments as needed
  • Limit the use of Urgent Care and Emergency Room facilities by actively participating in your treatment at CODAC

Request Medical Record

You have a right to request a copy of your medical record. To protect your privacy, we require members to complete the following process:

  • To request a copy of your medical record, please download and complete this form. All medical records related questions, requests and information, for any site, can be sent to the following phone number or fax number:
    Phone: (520) 327-4505 x8511

    Fax: (520) 202-1703
  • With the exception of out-of-town requests, we ask that you pick up your medical record from the treatment site. Be sure to include current contact information so our staff can contact you when the medical record is ready to be picked up.