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Many Options, No Judgment

When it comes to treatment for drug and alcohol misuse, there are many ways to Get Your Life Back. You can have a very happy life in recovery when you combine the following treatment options in your individualized plan.

Outpatient Substance Misuse Treatment

Receive a variety of services to meet all your recovery needs.

Fentanyl & Opioid Treatment

Recovery from fentanyl and other opioid is possible; Medication Assisted Treatment makes it easier.


CODAC’s compassionate team of therapists are here to help you work through complex life issues.

Case Managment & Peer Support

Our staff use their own experience and resources to help you meet your goals.

Groups & Classes

CODAC offers more than 60 groups and classes. Discover more about yourself and learn helpful skills.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Focus on your recovery by attending an IOP for nine skills- and support-packed hours each week.

Transitional Living

A safe place to live and a structured, supportive environment can make a big impact in the early stages of recovery.

Primary Care

Let us help you prioritize your physical health, too. Under one roof means better health.

Holistic Wellness

Acupuncture for pain management, exercise, nutrition and more, in keeping with our holistic approach to care.

Get Your Life Back

At CODAC, many of us have successfully recovered from drugs and alcohol. We can give you the tools you need to stop using, too.

And we can tell you first-hand that the help you’ll receive at CODAC will be kind, confidential and focused specifically on your goals.

CODAC uses evidence-based treatment to provide care centered around your personal recovery goals. We’ll work with you to meet your needs and empower you to live a healthy and productive life free from the harmful effects of drugs and/or alcohol.

The Right Level of Care

There are many factors that can lead to substance misuse, such as past abuse and trauma, stressful life experiences, sadness and being around others who are using.

Sometimes, an undiagnosed illness can lead to drug use to help with pain or other symptoms.

Our team will help you figure out what level of support, treatment and services will be best for you. And, we will help you work to meet your recovery goals.

Two Men Sitting in an Office for Substance Use Treatment at CODAC.

What to Expect When You Arrive

During your CODAC intake for drug or alcohol treatment, our first concern is for your well-being. We will

  • Make sure you are warm and comfortable
  • Offer you something to eat and drink
  • Help you with withdrawal symptoms if you’re feeling sick
  • Gather intake information, which is kept confidential
  • Address any immediate medical needs
  • Provide you with a comfortable place to rest
  • Work with you to create a plan for your next steps, which may include medications for opioid dependence

A wide Array of Services

Our substance use treatment options include:

  • Standard outpatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for fentanyl, heroin and other opioid use; alcohol use; and methamphetamine use
  • Psychiatry for co-occurring mental health concerns
  • Therapy
  • Primary care, wellness & pharmacy services
  • Physical exams and screenings
  • Close monitoring of chronic conditions like diabetes, hepatitis c and more
  • Standard lab work

Case Management

It can be challenging to find all the resources you need to take care of your health, beyond just your health care.

CODAC Recovery Coaches can help you connect with:

  • Safe housing and shelter options
  • The Food Bank, food stamps and other nutrition assistance
  • Education and job opportunities

CODAC members who have an AHCCCS insurance can work with a CODAC Recovery Coach by calling (520) 327-4505 and asking for the Counselor of the Day.

Peer Support

Sometimes, it’s helpful to have extra support during your recovery from people that are also in recovery.

At CODAC, we have a special team of Peer Support Specialists, well-known for their important role in promoting personal growth, self-motivation and wellness for our members.

A Peer Support Specialist is someone employed in the behavioral health field with first-hand knowledge of recovery from addiction or mental illness.

There are Peer Support Specialists at each of our treatment centers to meet help you meet your goals and:

  • Provide peer support through your recovery journey
  • Help you navigate Tucson’s transportation systems
  • Go to primary care appointments with you
  • Show you how to best use your CODAC treatment site
  • Support you in Adult Recovery Team meetings
  • Help you locate 12-step support groups and healthy activities
  • Help answer questions about housing
  • Provide guidance on how you can stretch your food budget
  • Help you complete documents and paperwork
  • Connect you with help to gain recovery- and employment-related skills
  • Support you at behavioral health appointments

You're worth it.
It's that light at the end of the tunnel you may not see right now, but it's there. All you've got to do is take that first step.

- Liliane H., Sober since 2015

No Insurance? No Worries.

If you do not have insurance or are underinsured, CODAC has grant funds available to help with drug and alcohol treatment.

Frequently Ask Questions

Does CODAC have detox services?

No, CODAC does not provide detox services. However, when you call or come in for your first time, we can help determine if you need detox and, if appropriate, provide a warm hand-off to a Detox Center.

What types of addictions do you provide treatment for?

CODAC offers treatment for all types of drugs and alcohol misuse. Whether you may be using Blues (fentanyl, Glass (meth), cocaine, alcohol and any other substance, CODAC can help you quit.

We have a variety of treatment options to help you on your recovery journey.

Do I have to take methadone or another medication?

No. You are an active participant in your treatment planning. At CODAC, you will talk with an addiction specialist to discuss your goals. Together, you will make a plan that fits your needs and goals, and it does not have to include medication assisted treatment such as methadone or suboxone. In fact, many people find that therapy, peer support and groups work very well for them.

How can I refer someone to CODAC?

It’s easy to refer to CODAC. Download and fax/email a referral form that has the information that helps us get started.

You Can Start Your Recovery at CODAC NOW.

CODAC’s outpatient drug or alcohol treatment intake is available 24/7 — days, nights, weekends and holidays.

Please let us know if you need a ride to your first appointment. Otherwise, we are easy to find at 380 E. Fort Lowell Road (Bus Route 34).

Call Us 24/7: 520-202-1792

  • Come as you are, day or night.
  • You don’t need to be in complete withdrawal.
  • Your personal information is kept confidential.
  • If you don’t have a personal ID, we’ll help you get one.

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