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Dennis Regnier, MA, President & CEO at CODAC.

Dennis Regnier, MA

President & CEO

Dennis Regnier, MA is President and Chief Executive Officer of CODAC Health, Recovery & Wellness. He joined CODAC in October of 2011, hailing from outside Chicago, Illinois where he was President and CEO of Grand Prairie Services, a nonprofit behavioral health organization serving the south suburbs of Chicago. He was there since 2000.

Dennis’s 49-year career in behavioral health services began with the Illinois Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities in 1974 where he held both clinical and administrative positions. He also has extensive experience in the for-profit health care industry, including senior leadership positions at Forest Health Systems, Century Healthcare, Hartgrove Hospital and HCA Chicago Lakeshore Hospital.

Dennis is past-chair of the Arizona Council of Human Service Providers and MHCA, a national organization of innovative, entrepreneurial behavioral healthcare organizations focused on the development of C-suite executives. He is also an active member of the boards of the Arizona Health Reciprocal Insurance Company (AHRIC) and the Integral Health Network of Southern Arizona and sits on numerous city, state and county coalitions focused on improving the health and wellness of Arizonans.

Dennis has a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration from Governors State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Illinois State University.

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