CODAC Staff Recognized for Contributions to Community Safety

On March 2, 2023, CODAC staff supporting Pima County’s Deflection program were recognized with a medal of honor for their role as a substance use resource in the community.

Brendan Bond, peer support specialist, and Bryanda Acuna, recovery coach, earned a medal of honor for their compassionate assistance to community members needing substance use treatment and services, as part of the Substance Use Resource Team (SURT).

The Deflection program is a nationally recognized alternative to traditional law enforcement responses to individuals with substance use disorders or mental health concerns. Instead of arrest or incarceration, individuals are diverted to community-based services and treatment programs, like CODAC, that address the root causes of their behavior.

“This recognition is a testament to the power of embedding peers and behavioral health staff in with Law Enforcement. Bry and Brendan have provided invaluable insights to TPD and the SURT program, and have helped to create safe environments for people living with substance use disorders to ask for help. The Substance Use Resource Team’s dedication to providing compassionate and effective care to those in need has had a significant impact on the community, and their efforts deserve this honor,” said Dan Barden, CODAC’s chief clinical officer.

Pictured above (clockwise, starting top left): Andrew Bachelier and Bryanda Acuña; the medal of honor; Brendan Bond with his family 

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