Staff Spotlight: Celebrating 30 Years of Dedication at CODAC

The office is buzzing with activity as Nanette K. moves about her workspace, desk piled with stacks of paper, interoffice memos and patient documentation. The beeps, squeaks and static of the fax machine are a constant backdrop to the rhythm of the workplace. The photocopier is a busy hub, creating duplicates of important documents for filing in rooms filled with paper medical charts. The internet is in its infancy; email communication is gaining traction.

It was 1994 – 30 years ago this month – and Nanette was just beginning her career at CODAC as a program assistant at CODAC’s Wildflowers Residential Treatment Program, a substance use treatment program for women and their children. Little did she know that she would spend the next three decades at CODAC, where she would not only grow personally and professionally, but she would also witness the evolution of CODAC into an internationally recognized integrated health organization serving more than 13,000 members each year.

Nanette – CODAC’s historian by default – recalls that CODAC was a much smaller organization in 1994. There were just a few people in each department and everyone pitched in to “get the job done” regardless of their role. “People used to call me when they had problems with their computer,” Nanette remembers, glad that’s no longer the case today!

Over the years, Nanette has worked in various positions and departments. In addition to her position at Wildflowers, she was program assistant for CODAC’s former Step Forward Adolescent Services and senior program assistant at CODAC’s former “East” adult outpatient clinic.

She is now executive assistant for the Quality Management Department. From her desk lined with seashells and mermaid tails, Nanette carries out many behind-the-scenes responsibilities like supporting leadership in coordinating meetings and taking minutes; managing completion of payor deliverables and submitting licensure renewals; and many other projects that support CODAC’s quality initiatives. She also plays a key role in CODAC’s Safety Committee. And she gets to do most of this while listening to music, which, she says, is among the things that makes this her favorite job at CODAC yet.

“I also feel valued and respected,” Nanette adds.

“I’m thinking ‘I thought I was being really annoying,’ but staff will send me emails or CODAC Kudos to thank me for helping out.” Additionally, Nanette says she’s able to manage stress through perks like free massages and acupuncture, part of CODAC’s dedication to employee well-being.

Nanette likes working at an organization that is “on the cutting edge of everything to make things better.” She has seen CODAC undergo significant changes, growing to accommodate more members and evolving to meet the community’s needs. “The facilities have become more welcoming and comfortable,” says Nanette, adding that these improvements reflect CODAC’s commitment to providing the best environment for its members.

“I also appreciate CODAC’s holistic approach to supporting members. We started with just behavioral health, but now we have primary care, nutrition, acupuncture … and even the spiritual part.”

“And, the staff are hardworking, compassionate and know how to throw a great potluck.”

As colleagues approach her with awe-filled “Happy Anniversary” greetings, Nanette beams with the pride of longevity and loyalty. She’s quiet and humble, but her consistency, character and accomplishments do not go unnoticed.

“Nanette has made remarkable contributions to CODAC, which has played a pivotal role in shaping the success and resilience of our organization,” shares CODAC’s chief compliance officer Amy Muñoz, DBH, MS, NCC.

“Nanette’s kind demeanor adds a much-needed lightness to the office environment. She is well known to staff as easy to work with and supportive of teamwork. She has been through many transitions within the company and sets the example for how to gracefully navigate change. Her presence has not only enriched our workplace but has also left an indelible mark on each one of us fortunate enough to work alongside her,” says Dr. Muñoz.

Outside of work, Nanette finds joy in connecting with nature, cultural dance, and supporting her local community. She enjoys taking photographs of nature and the company of her desert tortoise, Fred. She aspires to be grounded and grateful.

As we celebrate Nanette’s milestone anniversary, we applaud her dedication (as CODAC’s longest tenured staff) and her commitment to serving our community.

Various nature photos taken by Nanette.


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