CODAC Health, Recovery & Wellness Earns National Reaccreditation

CODAC Health, Recovery & Wellness is pleased to announce its recent reaccreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). This accreditation represents CODAC’s commitment to quality and positive health outcomes for individuals living with substance use disorders, mental illness and trauma.

CARF is a globally recognized accrediting body that promotes the highest quality of care and services for individuals seeking rehabilitation and support.

“Accreditation provides validation of our commitment to excellence, which can be reassuring to members, families, funders and the community,” said CODAC’s chief compliance officer, Amy Muñoz DBH, MS, NCC.

Muñoz shared that CODAC was evaluated on, and met, more than 2,000 standards. “This is a direct reflection of the dedication of our staff and their commitment to our community, as well as CODAC’s adherence to best practices and procedures,” she said.

Through a rigorous three-day evaluation process, CARF surveyors assess organizations on various criteria, including board governance, organizational structure, client-focused programs, patient experience, quality and compliance, and commitment to ongoing improvement.

Surveyors shared many notable strengths observed within the organization and, in their report, wrote “the organization has been serving people in this area for over 50 years and has evolved with an emphasis on innovation to meet the changing needs of members served.”

Strengths Noted by Carf Surveyors

  • Innovative & Holistic Approaches to Support Members
    • “The organization has teams of health and wellness professionals who work together in the health home programs to provide holistic care that addresses the full spectrum of physical, emotional, behavioral, social, spiritual, relational and environmental factors to meet the needs of members served in an integrative way.”
    • “Innovation and doing what members need are hallmarks of the organization. In addition to in-house gyms, equipment, nutrition counseling, and preventative medicine reminders…services are provided in a seamless fashion and focus on integrated wellness.”
    • “CODAC offers over 60 different groups to the members served that are focused on recovery and wellness skills.”
  • Professional and Engaged Leadership Team
    • “The leadership team recognizes the importance of ongoing communication, coordination, and collaboration in order to best meet the needs of the members served and their families.”
  • Community-minded Board of Directors
    • “The board of directors is composed of powerful community professionals who go out of their way to support the organization’s mission and members served. The board members are skilled; experienced; diverse in gender, age and background. They also have an exceptional understanding of the services provided and they support the organization by being very active in the community and [in] advocating [for] stigma reduction.”
  • Supportive of Staff Development & Wellness
    • Leadership team members, in many instances, have climbed the career ladder at CODAC. They demonstrate a clear understanding of what is happening at the ground level.”
    • “CODAC has been using a Catalytic Coaching model for staff performance appraisals that allow induvial staff members and supervisors positive opportunities to meet quarterly to track goal achievement or adjust goal direction throughout the year.”
    • “There was also a recent increase in the tuition reimbursement rate, which helps reinforce the workforce development philosophy of being a culture of professional development.”
    • “There are currently over 100 trained peer specialists on staff, almost a third of the workforce, and they are in every program and service provided by the organization.”
    • “At various times during the year, the organization offers its employees, at no cost, on-site acupuncture, mobile mammography screenings, transcendent meditation sessions, gym access and massage opportunities.”

This accreditation also marks the inaugural accreditation of CODAC’s supported living programs for pregnant and postpartum women in recovery, men in recovery and for adults with serious mental illnesses.

“Accreditation of CODAC’s supported living programs, in particular, is a timely and important component of demonstrating that these facilities are legitimate recovery programs with solid evidence that best practice policies and procedures are adhered to for the health and safety of the members that reside there,” said Muñoz. “The accreditation sets CODAC programs apart as being among the best.”

CODAC is one of few organizations who has also achieved accreditation for board Governance for the past nine years. According to CARF, “The board is responsible for ensuring that the organization is managed effectively, efficiently, and ethically by the organization’s executive leadership through defined accountability mechanisms.” CODAC is proud of receiving the optional Governance accreditation that further demonstrates commitment and observance of ethical practices.

CODAC has been accredited by CARF since 2002.



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