Staff Spotlight: Celebrating Oscar’s Dedication to Fatherhood and Career

Staff Spotlight: Celebrating Oscar’s Dedication to Fatherhood and Career  

Oscar Paz-Monge is a dedicated team member at CODAC who has been with the organization for more than 11 years. While Oscar has evolved his professional skills over this span of time, he has also navigated the rewarding and challenging journey of parenthood.

Oscar’s CODAC career began as a job coach in 2013. He transitioned to various roles which included store manager for the CODAC Closet (a thrift store which is no longer open), membership specialist, membership lead and his current role as a recovery coach with CODAC’s Men’s Services department. He primarily works at CODAC at 380, but also supports the Men’s 20th Street Transitional Living Program.

According to him, CODAC has been a cornerstone of his family’s life: offering financial support, personal growth, training and real-world experiences that have profoundly influenced his approach to parenting.

Fatherhood Journey 

As a father of three children (with a fourth on the way), Oscar beams with pride when he talks about his family.

Leonardo (age 9) is quiet and reserved, excelling in academics and showing great talent. Melody (7) is playful, sweet and kind, with a compassionate and selfless nature. Camila (4), the current youngest, is a bit of a rebel — independent and athletic.

Fatherhood has taught Oscar the values of patience and understanding. And within his role at CODAC, he learned and practices the concept of “meeting people where they are.” By embracing this approach with his young children, he’s able to guide them in important life lessons.

“Being a dad has made me more compassionate and caring,” he says.

Fatherhood helps him to relate better with other parents and incorporate effective techniques for managing emotions and stress at work, with his family and in life.

Work-Life Balance 

Balancing the demands of fatherhood with professional responsibilities is a challenge that Oscar meets by practicing strict boundaries between work and family time. When he’s not supporting members at his job, he spends time enjoying hobbies that provide stress relief.

“I like to do things that include my family,” says Oscar. “I bring them to the skatepark or golfing with me and we all have a lot of fun.”

Including his children in these activities helps him to maintain a stable and fulfilling family life.

Some of Oscar’s most rewarding moments as a father include watching his children pursue similar interests to his own, such as painting. “I love seeing reflections of myself in them. It is a gift to watch their unique talents develop.”

Challenges and Growth

“There’s a lot of challenges to being a father but there are so many rewards,” says Oscar. “Parenting is a blessing in disguise because it helps build you as a person. You learn about responsibility, accountability and that your decisions are no longer just about yourself.”

He believes that his experiences in helping CODAC members also help him understand and support his own family better.

Oscar’s role as a mentor at CODAC is deeply influenced by his experiences as a father. He is a natural helper and team player, always motivating others and inspiring them to achieve their best.

These values parallel the conversations he has with members as he motivates them in their recovery.

Oscar and his family actively participate in the local community through school events, fairs, church activities and other events, especially those focusing on mental health. His involvement in the community and his role at CODAC have allowed him to share his parenting wisdom with others, fostering a supportive environment.

Oscar adds that he has felt very supported by CODAC by providing a nurturing and understanding environment where he can balance his work and family life effectively.

“CODAC has been a big part of my life. Working here has helped me build myself and my family,” Oscar says. “I remember starting my very first job here at CODAC, and being able to get my first apartment with my wife. Now we’re expecting our fourth child!”

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