Staff Spotlight: Ashley G. – A Key Role in CODAC’s Culture of Collaboration

Ashley G. found a career at CODAC Health, Recovery & Wellness during a period of transition as she approached the end of her senior year in college. She stumbled upon CODAC’s table at a career fair and was inspired after learning of CODAC’s impact in the community.

Ashley applied, interviewed and was hired as a Recovery Coach. Three years later, she now works as an Outreach Engagement Specialist at CODAC’s 24/7 outpatient substance use treatment center in Tucson, Arizona.

Whether she is helping people get started in treatment, offering comfort or providing a warm connection to resources, Ashley finds fulfillment in helping members feel welcomed and supported as they begin their recovery journeys.

“If someone is willing to come in for help and share with a stranger, the most important thing we can do is provide a caring, safe and nonjudgmental space,” said Ashley.

Collaborating with a variety of community partners, law enforcement, and hospitals, Ashley helps coordinate with other community organizations to meet various social drivers of health.

“We are really well rounded in our knowledge of internal treatment options at CODAC as well as community resources that can have critical impacts on the health and wellness of the whole person.”

Working with an often-stigmatized population, Ashley has been inspired to advocate and educate. She is passionate about addressing the social disparities affecting members and promoting integrated care.  

“The work we do allows us to make a positive impact on someone’s life, witnessing their journey toward recovery. We have an opportunity to contribute to their well-being and it is emotionally rewarding knowing I played a role in someone’s positive transformation,” she said.

“Helping one person creates a ripple effect. Whether their recovery impacts their family, their children or their job, all of it has a bigger impact on our community.”

Working at CODAC has contributed to Ashley’s personal and professional growth. She will be completing her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy in December.

“I truly believe that if it wasn’t for CODAC, I wouldn’t be pursuing my master’s degree. Within this organization I’ve been pushed to be the best version of myself,” she said. 

Ashley stays motivated to continue in this field because of the welcoming, safe and fun culture at CODAC.  

“I have always felt supported by my work community,” she adds. 

Ashley’s passion for serving members and her dedication to creating healthier communities is an inspiring example of the compassionate team at CODAC and the key role that staff play in CODAC’s culture of collaboration. 


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